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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts

Characteristic tests are carried out on raw material and finish products to ensure that our products conform to customer specification. Controls are at all stages of production cycle. Technical assessment of products verifies conformity to customer’s specification and customized reports ensure total traceability.

- All raw material  pass under the all metallurgical inspections.
- Setting approval for every processes.
- Stage wise inspection and lot approvals are carried out as per control plan
- Process Capability Study, gauge R&R study & Machine capability study are carried out.
- Final Inspection of each & every batch is carried out as per sample plan

Metallurgical Microscope with Analysis (Olympus - 1000X, CAMERA-DP20) :

Olympus 1000X is the latest Microscope from Olympus – Japan which is being used by Precimax. The equipment helps in maintaining consistent quality of microstructure as per standard norms in raw material as well as in heat treated of rollers. We are using STAHL-EISEN-PRUFBLATT 1520 (SEP-1520) German chart for checking microstructure as...

• Spheroidize structure
• Amount of perlite
• Micro inclusions
• Carbide network
• Carbide streaks (bandings)
• Decarb
• Hardening & Tempering
Form Talysurf FTS (Taylor Hobson Limited - U.K.) :

Form and surface finish measuring instrument is being used for checking the Crowning Profile & Surface Finish of rollers.

Also we are using this instrument for improving the roller profile and verifying our products with standards. It is also used in R & D activities to measure the modified forms on the rollers which could enhance the roller performance.

Profile Projector (100X) :

Profile Projector is used for checking the corner radius of the rollers & tools.

Roundness Tester (Mitutoyo) :

It is used for checking and controlling the roundness of rollers, which ensure the running accuracy and smooth performance.

Dial Calibrator (Kudale) :

This instrument helps in calibrating the dial indicators used in production.